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Colder than severe

Some weeks ago, when the cold spell was still a snap, I bought some screenwash in Asda to prevent my screenwash from freezing.

Sadly, however, it froze before I got a chance to pour it in.

Yesterday was quite a warm day, however, and after a long drive the scooshers started working again, so I wanted to take the opportunity to fill it up with my precious screenwash, only to find out that it had frozen, just by being in the boot of the car.

Given that the whole purpose of buying screenwash is to prevent it from freezing, that annoyed me a bit.

If you look at the photo, you’ll see that it tells you normally to dilute it with water, but to use it straight in a severe winter.

So this winter must be colder than severe according to Asda.

3 thoughts on “Colder than severe

  • If you pay the shipping, I’d be happy to send you 5 l of the finest “sprinklerv├Žske” Rema 1000 can supply. The label says it’s fluid above -21 C, and if that’s not enough, then it’s probably nature telling you that you should stay at home.

  • I also was foolish enough to buy Asda screewash similar to you and expected it to protect in winter weather in Scotland where I purchased it. Like you mine also froze undiluted in its container. Worse still it froze in my daughters car while she was travelling at 60 mph on a motorway, behind a lorry and another lorry out overtaking and with traffic behind her. My 2 grandchildren were also in car. I contacted Asda who took 7 weeks to supply product information requested which shows it only protects down to -5.They also indicated that they felt their product is properly labelled and will continue to sell it. Tesco sells screenwash labelled to protect down to -25 undiluted. Guese where I now buy screenwash

  • Sounds horrendous! I’ll definitely buy my screenwash in Tesco next time, too! And that means I won’t have to take Anders up on his kind offer.


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