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Crab apple apple scab

Crab apples
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When we bought our house two years ago, we started planting a lot of stuff and generally doing up the garden.

One of the first trees we planted was a crab apple of the cultivar John Downie, which we chose because it was said to be the best crab apple for making jellies.

Alas, it also turned out to be very susceptible to apple scab, and although we could to some extent control it with an antifungal spray, it was clearly spending all its strength fighting off the disease instead of producing apples, so I have now removed it.

I was surprised by its lack of root when I pulled it up – the poor thing clearly didn’t even have enough resources to send out roots!

Anyway, we now need a new crab apple tree, and preferable one that is as resistant to apple scab as possible.

I don’t think any fully resistant trees are available in the UK, so I’m thinking about either a Red Sentinel or a Pink Glow, or perhaps an Evereste.

Can anybody here recommend one?

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