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Tag stats

I haven’t analysed my tag usage since August 2007, so it must be time to have another look at this.

LanguagesLet us first have a look at the languages used (the graph on the right – click on it for a larger version).

It’s clear that English is by far the most frequently used language here, followed by Danish, and the distribution doesn’t seem to change much over time, so the drift towards English that I detected two years ago seems to have stopped.

Although I do occasionally blog in other languages, it’s basically a little added spice rather than a regular occurrence.

I’d love to promise to blog more frequently in other languages, but I must admit that it takes more time and limits my readership, so it’s unlikely to change drastically any time soon.

Other tagsThe situation is quite different when we look at the topics that I blog about (the graph on the left – again, click on it for a larger version).

Politics is clearly the most important topic, but apart from a brief spike during the summer months, it has never come close to dominating the blog – it’s just primus inter pares.

Also, the picture is much less steady. A topic can become rather frequent for a month or two and then fade away again.

Just like last time, I’m not sure what to conclude. I clearly have many interests, and my blog reflects that. 🙂

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