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Is there an optimal way to read both busy and quiet feeds?

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RSS feeds are a great way to read news and blog postings.

However, I have a problem with RSS feed readers (aggregators).

Some of them create one folder per feed, which is great for the fairly quiet feeds that you want to read all of, such as personal blogs.

Others simply list the most recent items from all feeds, which is great for news sources, but not so good for quiet blogs.

In other words, the aggregators I know tend to work well if your feeds have a similar level of activity, but if you put in a few news sources that bring you dozens of updates per hour and add some personal blogs that are updated a couple of times a week, the latter tend to be drowned out.

I’m starting to think one should simply use two separate readers, one for the news and one for the blogs.

However, in theory a combined reader should be possible, by adding more prominence to items from quiet feeds, but only showing the most recent items from the busy ones.

Can anybody recommend such a program?

One thought on “Is there an optimal way to read both busy and quiet feeds?

  • I use Safari. It allows me to put feeds in folders and open a folder of all feeds in said folder (for news) and to create folders where I have to click thru for each individual feed.


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