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Does chastity mix with sodomy?

There’s a very interesting article in The Times about the ridiculous American invention of silver chastity rings. From the article:

He discovered that while 7 per cent of nonpledging teenagers had contracted an STD, 4.6 per cent of what he called “consistent” pledging teenagers had also managed it, presumably by agreeing to oral or anal sex in the belief this maintained purity. Interviews showed that while only 2 per cent of nonpledging teenagers had consented to oral sex or sodomy, 13 per cent of those in the “consistent” pledging category had.

2 thoughts on “Does chastity mix with sodomy?

  • Dude, it’s not that I mind you using my picture, it’s just that you’re supposed to ask for permission, especially when dealing with an “All rights reserved” piece.

  • Sorry about that! However, I’m pretty sure I used the “Blog this” button to use it, and this button doesn’t appear when all rights are reserved, so could it be that you’ve changed the license in the meantime?
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