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Mexican ingredients

Blogging chile con carne made me look up some original Texan recipes, and I realised they called for ingredients such as dried ancho chilies that aren’t found in normal Scottish supermarkets.

Luckily I found a shop called Cool Chile today that delivers Mexican ingredients by mail order.

They even sell tortilla presses – I’ve always wanted one of those!

4 thoughts on “Mexican ingredients

  • Åh ja 😉
    En skam, at der er så længe til din fødselsdag 😉

  • I’ve used Cool Chile in the past but they are SOOO expensive. You need to use the company I get all my delicious Mexican Food from Now :

  • They look great – thanks a lot for the link!

  • There are some good sites in the Uk now that sell mexican ingredients, the one that I really like is called they are really fast also they sell ready made tamales yum yum


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