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Drain bird

A bird we helped out of our drain today
A bird we helped out of our drain today, a photo by viralbus on Flickr.
A couple of days ago I was standing outside the kitchen door when I suddenly heard some weird noises from the drain, like something was moving down there, but whether it was a rat, a snake or an eel was impossible to work out.

I got hold of Phyllis and some of the kids, and we all tried to figure out what it was, but it was impossible to see anything apart from some obscure movements.

Finally, however, the creature made a very bird-like squeak, and we decided to help it out. I managed to put a stick down the hole, and soon after a very dirty and wet blackbird emerged from the drain.

It looked utterly miserable (see the photo!), but after a few minutes in the sun, it started looking for worms and began to look much more normal, and after another half hour it disappeared.

It might have got eaten by a cat, but I do tend to think that would be preferable to starving to death in the sewers.

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