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Ed or Ed?

Of course I cannot vote in the Labour leadership election, but I thought it would be interesting to try out Vote Match’s Labour Leadership 2010 Vote Match before tomorrow’s announcement of the new leader.

The results are on the right – basically it’s a draw between Diane Abbott and Ed Miliband, while I seem to be quite distant from both David Miliband and especially Ed Balls.

Most people seem to agree that Ms Abbott cannot realistically win this election, so it looks like I should support Ed Miliband.

However, I don’t really agree with any of the candidates – the people I agree with are found amongst the Liberal Democrats and occasionally the Scottish Nationalists, and these are the parties that I want to prosper.

It would therefore perhaps be better to support Ed Balls, from the perspective that he will take the Labour Party further away from my viewpoints.

In the end, I guess it comes down to what the future might bring once the CoLD Coalition is out of office again. A LibLab coalition will probably never happen under the leadership of Ed Balls.

One thought on “Ed or Ed?

  • I got


    Diane Abbott: 63%

    Ed Miliband: 58%

    David Miliband: 48%

    Ed Balls: 42%


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