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Either bad or mad

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There’s an important article in The Times today about how to deal with pædophiles.

It basically argues that we normally either punish criminals and then let them get back to normal life afterwards (even though we know they might reoffend), or we decide they’re ill and offer them treatment (possibly for the rest of their lives) instead.

However, we seem to want to do both when it comes to pædophiles: First we punish them, and we then stigmatise them for the rest of their lives because they’re sick.

I had never thought about this before, but I think it’s true.

When it comes to deciding whether to opt for bad or mad, I think we should split the group into two.

An 18-year-old who had consensual sex with a 14-year-old is not a pædophile in my book, and if we think it’s not OK, it’s definitely a crime, not an illness, and when he’s completed his punishment, he should be free to live a normal life afterwards.

On the other hand, middle-aged men raping small kids are in a very different category. It makes much better sense to try to cure them of their urges in high-security psychiatric hospitals and only release them back into society when (or if) the psychiatrists think they have been cured.

One thought on “Either bad or mad

  • We Scots tend not to analyse quite so deeply ,.,. ( I agree with you that 18-year olds shagging obliging 14-year olds is fine ) but for real paedophiles we would simply cut off their dicks ! We have studied this subject at some length ( Phyl will explain why if she hasn’t already ) and these people cannot be “cured” ,, Some of them I’m sure are neither fundamentally bad nor mad ,,, just following urges they are unable to control .,., others of course are real bad bastards ! But to protect our children I’m afraid for me it’s “Off with them”


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