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Exit Voyager

Star Trek Timeline
Star Trek Timeline, a photo by Wyrmworld on Flickr.
On 18 September 2011 I wrote this:

I blogged back in May 2009 that I had finished watching Enterprise and that I would move on to Deep Space 9.

I finally finished watching DS9 last night, and I must say I really enjoyed it, although it took me a wee while to get into.

I’m now going to proceed to Star Trek Voyager, which will presumable last until Christmas 2013.

I must congratulate myself on my powers of prediction, given that I watched the last episode of Voyager last night (without having checked my old blog post first).

The last few episodes were really good (probably the ones made after they had been told the show was getting the axe), but in general I think there were too many poor ones. My guess is it was caused by travelling quickly through the universe, which makes it hard to develop complex plots.

I’m quite sad, however, that I’ve now watched everything in the Star Trek saga, apart from the animated series. Hopefully they’ll make a new TV series soon.

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