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His favourite moment

lego rollercoaster
Originally uploaded by phyl1

When we went to Legoland during our holiday in Denmark earlier this month, Marcel was only really interested in the rollercoasters. He loved the smaller ones, but the real highlight of the day was trying out the big one, the one that clearly attracted more adults than kids.

He patiently waited with me for almost an hour in a long, snaking queue, and finally it was our turn. He was perfectly happy at first, but after we came out of the main dip, he sat there very quietly, muttering “fuck, fuck, fuck” to himself.

He quickly recovered, and he’s bragged about doing it ever since, but the photo on the left (taken by Legoland in the middle of the big dip) shows how he felt during his favourite moment (click on the photo and then on ‘All sizes’ to study his expression more closely).

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