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How do you fit in six bins?

six types of recycling
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East Renfrewshire have now decided that we need to put food waste into a separate bin.

This means that we need to fit six bins into our kitchen:

  1. Compostable waste (fruit, veg and egg shells)
  2. Other food waste
  3. Metal and glass
  4. Paper and cardboard
  5. Hard plastic
  6. Everything else

(I’m excluding from this list batteries, medicines, electrical equipment and other items that shouldn’t be thrown into the normal bins at all, but which still need to be collected somewhere in the house until we find the time to go to Ikea or the recycling centre.)

However, it’s starting to be a problem to find enough space for all the bins, even though we have a relatively big kitchen.

Of course we could pop outside whenever we’ve eaten an orange or finished a pint of milk, but that’s not very practical in the long run.

How do other people fit in their bins?

2 thoughts on “How do you fit in six bins?

  • I had a very simple and lazy solution when we had two different bins in Krhus: I put the one not for everything else in the one for everything else and only used the one for everything else.

  • Lots of our neighbours do that, but it doesn’t work when you only have one outside bin for everything else which is collected fortnightly.


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