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Being more positive about NemID

På besøg i Jyske Bank
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I know I’ve been a bit negative about NemID in the past, but I’m starting to change my mind.

Because I’m a customer with Jyske Bank, I received a letter with a NemID code card last week, and when I then logged on to Jyske Bank, it transferred me to NemID. The only hassle was that I needed to install an extra Java package to make it work with Ubuntu.

The brilliant thing is that I can now access almost anything in Denmark using my NemID code card – I can access my tax information, change my name, move house, etc. (Of course most of it is completely irrelevant these days, but it would have been useful eight years ago.)

The UK could really learn from this – there are so many things that you still cannot do yourself over the Internet, and having one single access key really makes a difference.

4 thoughts on “Being more positive about NemID

  • I also do not think there are any conceptual problems with NemID. Jyske Bank had the same security system for years (which is a lot safer than most other solutions out there).

    The only thing that sucks is the actual implementation and that danish citizen are treated like second class people when getting started with it. For example I needed to get my initial password from the Danish Embassy, but they forgot to tell me it was there and then I could not order a new one. I would have to go to DK in order to get the password as I could not order a new one from the webpage (where the only identification needed was my name, address and passport number)… That sucked.

    But luckily Jyske Bank came to my rescue – and when I logged on I was also, like you, transferred to NemID automatically.

    Looking forward to use NemID to all coming interactions with the Danish Government. Now at least there exist a uniform way of authenticating yourself to the Danish Authorities, which should make it a lot easier for us abroad who are forgotten or deliberately ignored 😉

  • jamen dog.

    men du døjer heller ikke med en Mac med 10.4 😉

    Lad os nu se, om det virker der også;: men det glæder mig, at det er lykkedes for dig.

  • @Lars, ja, det ser ud til at være et helvede for udlandsdanskere, hvis man ikke allerede bruger en internetbank.
    @Sebastian, kan du ikke bare installere Linux paa maskinen?

  • The UK – are you kidding?! Compared to the scandinavian countries and Finland, the UK is still deep in the dark ages. It will be a very long time indeed before this country can rise up to a society and economy that levels with those countries (and make the sort of changes you talk about).

    And with the recent cuts to the education budget and university fees going up, this place is going further south.

    Its time the brits stopped kidding themselves about how things are going here.

    -A man from London


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