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Is New Labour a neocon party?

I was reading up on the neocon movement on Wikipedia today.

It seems that generally speaking, neocons are former Democrats who thought their party didn’t stand up to the USSR in the 1970s and who therefore became Reagan Republicans. “These people tended to remain supporters of social democracy, but distinguished themselves by allying with the Nixon administration over foreign policy, especially by their support for the Vietnam War and opposition to the Soviet Union. They still supported the welfare state […]”

I wonder what happened to this sort of people in the UK. I’ve never heard of any mass exodus of people with this sort of views from Labour to the Tories in the late ’70s.

I’m starting to think that perhaps they stayed in Labour, and subsequently became the core of New Labour, and that this is why Tony Blair and George W. Bush get on so well.

Tony Blair definitely seem to be very close to the neocon mindset, but I’m not sure whether that’s a fairly recent development. And what about Gordon Brown – is he a neocon as well?

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