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Amaia has always been a big baby, but never a fat one.

Furthermore, her appetite has been something to behold – some days and nights it seems she seems to be drinking breast milk non-stop when she’s not sleeping.

So a couple of days ago, we decided to try to feed her a bit of rice porridge with apple and pear that we bought in Denmark (marked “four months”), although the recommendation in the UK at the moment is not to feed babies food for the first six months.

Her reaction shocked me!

Normally, babies at first just play around with the food and spit out most of it, but from the outset she’s been voraciously eating it all while chewing on her fist for good measure.

She’s already finishing fairly large portions as if she was nine months old and not just three and a half.

What’s more, she hasn’t cut down on her milk intake at all, so I guess she can eat even more than we’re feeding her.

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