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John Sinclair has died

John Sinclair, one of the founders of corpus linguistics, and driving force behind the COBUILD dictionaries, died yesterday in his home in Tuscany. He will be buried in the English Cemetery in Florence.

I spent a bit of time with him six months ago, working on a secret dictionary project, and he was definitely still full of ideas then. It’s odd to know that he will now never see this project completed.

4 thoughts on “John Sinclair has died

  • Sikke en trist nyhed; men det lyder da rigtig interessant – glæder mig til at høre mere om den.

  • Der jo bare det lille problem, at det er et hemmeligt projekt…

  • det holder da vel op med at være hemmeligt en eller anden dag, når det er blevet udgivet ikke??? Så kan jeg glæde mig så længe M;.)

  • Det er ikke alle projekter, der bliver til noget. 🙁


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