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Learning from Gordon Brown

I was so inspired by a video clip with Gordon Brown that I wanted to try to mimic his outstanding gestures and body language.

Here is my attempt:

For comparison, here is the master himself. I’m really impressed how he manages to smile in random places without any connexion to what he’s saying:

4 thoughts on “Learning from Gordon Brown

  • You need locking up, pass the hankies, I can’t stop laughing

  • Brilliant ,, brilliant Thomas ,, but his cameraman was better !!

  • El Gordo has had body language training – having hardly seen him in the last decade (hey, I been away!), the change is amazing: he’s reaching out, he empathizing, he’s emphasizing … and he used to be so wooden.

    Nice try on your part, but I think you have to be coming from a Scottish place. Danes are far too outgoing.

  • I sooooo envy Stewart’s ‘having hardly seen him in the last decade’, don’t you???


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