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Marcel feels Sick

Family communication!
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I had dropped off Léon at nursery yesterday and was about to have breakfast with my beloved wife when we unexpectedly heard Marcel’s voice, asking us where he could find the toast.

When we expressed surprise that he wasn’t at school, he said that Charlotte had left us a note.

This turned out to be true – there was a tiny note on the fridge, amongst all the other papers there, saying “Marcel feels Sick”.

I guess it was quite considerate of Charlotte not to wake us, but it was perhaps not too clever given that we’re supposed to call his school early if he’s ill, and we don’t normally scan the fridge door as soon as we get out of bed.

I guess it’s hard to please parents, though. If the kids ask us questions when we’d rather be asleep, they’re damned, and if they don’t, they’re still damned…

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