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More about Transcaucasian products

Look at these pomegranates from Azerbaijan! They are huge, beautiful and delicious!

Why can’t we buy fruit like that here? Phyllis took this photo in Riga, and Riga has been part of the EU, and thus of the internal market, for a two and a half years, so if they can sell them there, surely they can be sold here as well!?!

The same applies to my previous blog posting about Georgian wine – why can’t we buy the good stuff that Latvian consumers are getting?

4 thoughts on “More about Transcaucasian products

  • Remind me why exactly we stood salivating at the sight of these, photographed them but then didn’t actually buy one to eat?

  • Sebastian

    Fordi I glemte det ,-) Hmm, man kan da købe granatæbler i DK!

  • You can get pomegranates in Scotland too but they are pale pink and about the size of a tennis ball – these were twice as big and twice as juicy looking.

  • Azerbaijani pomegranates are the best – even in Georgia (which has great pomegranates), they are highly prized. The stuff you get in Scotland and Denmark doesn’t even get close.
    And Phyllis, as far as I remember, I got the impression you weren’t interested, so I guessed you didn’t like them. 🙁 Also, I thought it would have been a rather messy fruit to feed Pudge. 😉


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