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My most popular blog postings ever

I’ve had a look at my most popular blog postings:

Blog posting Views Comment
How to make business cards in LaTeX 5,004 A very useful posting for people wanting to make their own business cards using LaTeX.
Bjørnebanden er hunde! 2,476 Just pointing out that the Beagle Boys in Danish are called the “Bear Gang”, which is a bit odd given that they clearly aren’t depicted as bears.
Hvilke partier er tættest på hinanden? 2,385 A Danish political analysis.
More about pizza ovens 1,350 Discussing what kind of pizza oven I’d build in our garden if money was no object.
Stem blankt! 1,223 Telling people not to vote yes or no in the referendum on abolishing male primogeniture in Denmark.
Which voting system should you use for choosing a voting system? 1,161 A link to a blog posting on BBC’s site.
Periodic table of mixology 834 Criticising a photo of a poster.
Langtidsstegning af and 800 A recipe for Danish Christmas duck.
Where can I buy food-grade caustic soda? 754 Trying to find a crucial German ingredient.

I’m not sure what to conclude from this. I clearly should write more on culinary topics and less about linguistics if these numbers are to be believed, but I can’t help thinking that many of these are simply popular because people stumble upon them in Google searches, not because they’re really that interesting and well-written.

Isn’t my article about changing England’s borders more provocative, the one about Lünmòn funnier, and this one about how to play Danish Monopoly (Matador) more informative than either of the more popular ones?

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