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Phyllis and the chip-shop menu

Phyllis sent in a few photos to an Oxfam competition, and the result was a lengthy article in the Evening Times today.

Here is the relevant part:

A photo of a Glasgow chip shop menu is among images of the city which have been made into postcards.

Tourists will be able to send friends and family the quirky image, which was one of the winners of a competition run by Oxfam.

It is one of four new Glasgow postcards which will go on sale at the Oxfam Bookshop in Royal Exchange Square.

The chip-shop picture was taken by Phyllis Buchanan, 43, from Newton Mearns and bosses had more than 200 entries.

Phyllis, who compiles dictionaries, said: “I took it in West Nile Street. The reason I submitted it is my husband’s Danish, my ex-husband’s French, and the one thing that seems to unite foreigners when they come visit is the dreadful things we eat. I thought foreigners would like to send a postcard like that.

“I was thrilled to be chosen.”

I think she would have liked to have won the competition with a more artistic photo, though. 🙂

One thought on “Phyllis and the chip-shop menu

  • Yeah it is interesting she quoted me as being ‘thrilled’ when the word I used was ’embarrassed’ – I guess they sound similar 😉


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