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Pizza oven

Baking pizzas
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My parents have a pizza oven in their cellar. I guess it’s really a bread or ceramics oven, but it doesn’t look significantly different from the pizza ovens I’ve seen in Italy, and nobody ever uses it for anything else.

I seem to be the only person ever to use it, but even I only use it at 20-year intervals. However, today we decided it was a good day to try it again, and Simon, Lykke and Sebastian came round to taste my pizzas.

The first two pizzas were rather awful, but the quality improved gradually. The only problem was that they wouldn’t come off the metal plate we used for putting them into the oven, so we had to bake them on tin foil. That made them somewhat less rustic, something that I think the kids appreciated. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pizza oven

  • Du overvejede ikke at smøre pladen med olie eller noget andet, inden du puttede dejen på?
    Står den hjemme i præstegårdens kælder?

  • Olie? Det bruger de da ikke i Italien! 🙂
    Og ja, den er en del af konstruktionen.


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