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Predictions for 2014

Fireworks over Edinburgh
Fireworks over Edinburgh, a photo by rjshade on Flickr.
I guess it’s high time to publish my predictions for 2014.

I’ve decided to be a bit bolder again — it’s just too boring to predict the continuation of the status quo again and again! 🙂

However, I won’t predict the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum — I feel too strongly about that event!

Without any further ado, here are my predictions:

  1. In the European Parliament elections, UKIP will become England’s largest party, but they’ll fail to win a seat in Scotland.
  2. The FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be won by Argentina.
  3. The Catalan independence referendum will be blocked by the Spanish authorities, but there will be elections to the Catalan Parliament before the end of the year instead .
  4. Wearable computers will go mainstream, whether in the form of glasses, wrist gadgets or something different.
  5. The Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen will be won by Estonia.
  6. The UK will experience at least one quarter of negative growth again.
  7. CO₂ in the atmosphere will exceed 400 ppm for the first time.
  8. There will be a general election in Denmark (probably because SF decide to leave the government in order to survive as a party).
  9. At least one further nation will plan an independence referendum, emboldened by Scotland and Catalonia.
  10. I’ll get a chance to build an igloo in the garden again.

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