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I’ve started playing around a bit with Ruby on Rails, a Ruby framework for developing database-driven web applications.

It’s rather neat, but at the moment I’m a bit annoyed it doesn’t do more: It’s great for creating the code corresponding to each database table, but it doesn’t do very much for the links between them. The way I see it, as soon as I’ve declared in one place that table X has a one-to-many relationship with table Y, the framework should be able to create all the constraints in the database, create HTML code to allow selection of items, create controller code to handle deletions of referenced items, and so on. There are some add-ons that do some of this, but most of it still needs to be coded separately.

However, it’s good fun to play around with, and perhaps I’ll get to like it better over time.

If not, perhaps I should try out some of the other MVC frameworks, such as Django (Python-based) or Catalyst (Perl-based).

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