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Phyllis and I were discussing today how closely related you actually are to different people genetically speaking.

After doing some simple calculations and applying a bit of logic, we came up with the following (1/2 means that you share half your genes with that person, and so on):

1/2 child
1/2 parent
1/2 sibling
1/4 grandparent
1/4 grandchild
1/4 half-sibling
1/4 uncle/aunt
1/4 nephew/niece
1/4 double cousin (child of mother’s sibling and father’s sibling)
1/8 greatgrandparent
1/8 greatgrandchild
1/8 cousin
1/8 greatuncle/greataunt
1/16 greatgreatgrandparent
1/16 cousin’s child
1/16 parent’s cousin

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