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Respect for votes

It often appears to me that votes are not really respected in the UK.

For instance, many overseas voters got their ballot papers too late to vote, but nothing is done about it.

Also, there are often issues with postal voting fraud, but very little is done about it.

Finally, the BBC were just now reporting that many voters were turned away at some polling stations after queuing for more than half an hour because they didn’t have the resources to let them vote before 10pm.

Phyllis suggested that this attitude might be due to first-past-the-post normally delivering such clear results (as well as disenfranchising half the electorate) that a few missing votes wouldn’t really change the picture.

I’m appalled.

All votes should be respected, even if it means delaying the count!

2 thoughts on “Respect for votes

  • Hopefully, finally, if nothing else, change in the electoral system for the General Election will now happen following the debacle of this evening’s events at many Polling Stations.

    We should deal with that debacle first and then the debacle of the surge in the Lib Dem vote without any real impact on the seat count. Democracy?

  • I guess that if proportional representation is introduced, people will start valuing individual votes more.


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