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Strange restaurant

Pasta and gnocchi
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Last night Phyllis and I got ready for dinner a bit late, so it was past nine before we emerged from the metro a bit southwest of Termini in Rome.

Not knowing the area, we didn’t know any restaurants, so we had to trust our luck. The first place we tried wouldn’t let us sit outside (they claimed the police had forbidden it – I wonder whether it had anything to do with the huge gay parade that took place yesterday too).

The second place looked more like a bar with a seating area on the pavement, but it looked OK, so we went for it.

Phyllis ordered a caprese salad and a pasta dish, and I asked for gnocchi followed by a pizza capriocciosa.

I was therefore a bit surprised when the waiter arrived with two pizza plates, one containing the salad (neatly arranged in a thin stripe on the middle of the plate), and the second my pizza. After we finished that, we got the pasta and gnocchi, again arranged on pizza plates.

The food actually was quite nice, but I don’t really think a big pizza is the best starter, nor is gnocchi with speck the ultimate last course.

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