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Sudoku website

Originally uploaded by viralbus

I’ve just bought the domain, and it’s my plan to move this blog there eventually.

However, I’m not going to do this anytime soon, but I’ve already started playing around with it.

The hosting company claimed it was OK to put up Perl CGI scripts, so I thought that would be fun to test.

So I took a small Sudoku generator that I wrote a couple of years ago and added an HTML interface to it.

The result is here.

I probably should disable the 16×16 option – it’s really slow, and the servers might have better things to do than doing this kind of number-crunching.

Apart from that, I guess I should optionally show the solution to each puzzle. Some other day…

2 thoughts on “Sudoku website

  • Kunne du ikke lave den løsbar på din side – og evt tilføje lidt venstremargin? Bare for syns skyld ,-)


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