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Tax on Linux

I (or more precisely, Complexli) registered as an employer last week.

As a consequence, HMRC sent me a CD-ROM with some programs to help me calculate our employees’ tax and national insurance.

I was just about to shut down Linux and start up Windows, assuming that it would be a Windows-only program, when I read the accompanying notes and was pleasantly surprised to see that the disk contained versions for Windows, Mac and Linux!

I had a few problems installing the Linux version because my laptop is 64-bit (to be specific, I had to install the 32-bit version of libsqlite3 manually beforehand), but now it works beautifully!

It’s great to realise that a tiny bit of my tax money has been spent developing Linux software!

One thought on “Tax on Linux

  • Det er bare sejt – ja så kan man da se et formål med sine skattepenge – gid de kunne finde ud af den slags herhjemme også.


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