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The centre of the EU

I just reread an old thread in the europa.union newsgroup in which I calculated the population-weighted centre of the EU:

Area North East Closest city
Original EEC (6 countries) 47.77 7.64 Basle, Switzerland
+3 (UK, Ireland, Denmark) 48.91 5.42 Saint-Mihiel, Meuse, France
+1 (Greece) 48.51 6.04 Vézelise, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France
+2 (Spain and Portugal) 47.37 4.56 Viteaux (west of Dijon), France
+1/2 (East Germany) 47.60 4.98 a little north of Dijon, France
+3 (Austria, Finland, Sweden) 48.06 5.68 Lamarche, Vosges, France
+10 (2004 enlargement) 48.52 7.94 Strasbourg, France
+2 (Romania and Bulgaria) 48.28 9.02 Ebingen, Württemberg, Germany
+1 (Turkey) 47.21 11.80 a little east of Innsbruch, Austria

Oh what fun we used to have in the europa.* hieararchy!

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