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The end of El Bulli

El Bulli 2007
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I’m sorry to read that El Bulli will close down.

Given that it’s been rated the world’s best restaurant for several years, I’ve always had a desire to go there, but I had to contend myself with a book about it Phyllis gave me for Christmas two years ago.

I guess it was inevitable, though. That type of innovative cuisine can’t stay at the top forever, so they had to choose between slipping down the rankings at some point, or closing while they were still at the top.

Hopefully the academy they’re creating instead will eventually lead to even better restaurants.

One thought on “The end of El Bulli

  • We’re not doing very well with our to-do list which included, if I remember, holding a wedding reception, having a real honeymoon and eating once at this restaurant 🙁 0/3 for effort!


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