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The year of the home-grown potato

What with daffodils and crocuses appearing in the garden, I guess it’ll soon be time to decide what to grow this year.

Last year Phyllis was quite upset that I forgot to grow potatoes, and my life was only saved by a few plants that appeared out of nowhere (or rather, I must have left a few tubers in the ground the year before).

So this year is to become the year of the home-grown potatoes.

However, which varieties should we grow?

It’d be nice to grow something that you don’t often see in shops, such as these Mayan potatoes.

Any recommendations?

5 thoughts on “The year of the home-grown potato

  • What did you call the really ugly little nutty ones we got in the supermarket once but that they weren’t brave enough to sell last year again?

  • Sava er gode – undgå Folva – tag de gamle sorter; de er måske ikke så resistente, men smager bedre.

    Aspargeskartofler er fine.

    Nogle er gode at lave mos af – andre bedst til noget andet – spørg på Landbohøjskolen evt. ,-)


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