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The languages I once knew

I was looking for a recipe for ajapsandali in my recipe collection, and I stumbled upon a recipe for shchi that I had written down while I studied Russian in St. Petersburg in the summer of 1994. Of course I didn’t compose it myself, but as far as remember, Tania was dictating it to me in her kitchen.

I always feel it’s fascinating to find texts I wrote in languages that I have since then not used much. I can see it’s my handwriting, but it’s flowing more easily than it would today, and the text is full of words I don’t know any more.

2 thoughts on “The languages I once knew

  • Language is so frustrating isn’t it – I used to speak German almost as well as English – now I open my mouth and a mixture of Saarland dialect and French comes out though everything that is being said to me is crystal clear. It’s just so sad that I come across as a complete imbecile! I find as the years advanced language after language drops off my cv. Sometimes listening to my kids chatting together I even wonder if English should be on it these days 😉

  • I think you need to learn a new language! 🙂


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