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The Tories’ new friends in Europe

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As I wrote yesterday, the Tories are planning to leave the EPP-ED after the elections to the European Parliament.

The Guardian today have an excellent article about their new friends in Europe.

A few quotes from the article:

[…] at the weekend in Warsaw, Cameron sealed his new alliance in Europe with Krupa’s rightwing party in Poland, the opposition Law and Justice party (PiS) run by twin brothers Jaroslaw and Lech Kaczy?ski. […] Paranoia towards the outside world, ingrained prejudice and discrimination towards homosexuals, fundamentalist Roman Catholicism, climate change denial and hostility towards Germany are some of the views espoused by the Kaczy?skis’ party.


Cameron is ditching two decades of Conservative co-operation with the mainstream centre-right Christian democrats in the parliament, the European People’s party (EPP) – to the fury of centre-right grandees in Europe – on the grounds that it is dominated by European federalists and supporters of the Lisbon treaty which the Tories oppose.

If anybody reading this is considering voting for the Tories, do remember that a vote for the Conservatives is no longer a vote for the EPP, it’s a vote for a xenophobic and paranoid group of parties.

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