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Using a cartogram to cut England into two parts

Last year, I was debating how to cut England into two parts in order to prevent England from dominating the UK completely. (For some bizarre reason, this idea seemed to upset a few Englishmen – just read the comments to that posting!)

I’ve now found a cartogram of the UK (the map on the left) that makes it much easier to pick the right cut.

Basically, large squares correspond to populous areas, and dense black lines correspond to empty parts of the country. It follows from this that the obvious division of England is by separating Greater London from the rest (the border would run from The Wash in the east to somewhere west of Bournemouth in the south), given that one could create a border running almost entirely through sparsely populated countryside. (This is the Greater London solution in my blog posting mentioned above.)

I’ve no doubt this won’t go down well in England, but as I’ve discussed before, an independent London is the way forward.

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