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Vincent, Thomas and Charlotte van Gogh

About three years ago, I decided to teach myself to paint.

I bought a lot of oil paint, an easel and lots of canvases, and even more importantly, I found a most wonderful book called How to Paint Like the Impressionists by Susie Hodge.

It basically shows step by step how to copy parts of well-known impressionist paintings.

I wouldn’t claim for a second that I was very good at it, but it was good fun.

Shortly afterwards, Phyllis, Marcel, Charlotte and LĂ©on moved in with me, and I haven’t had the luxury to think about such things since then.

But now the book is being used again…

Charlotte got an acrylics painting set from my parents for her birthday.

She didn’t really know where to start, so I found the book again, and it seemed to inspire her, too.

So today she copied a painting by van Gogh that I myself copied three years ago.

See the original and our two copies on the right. Who’s the better painter? 😉

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