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Worried stiff!

When I was a kid, I really loved a TV series called The Tomorrow People (Fremtidsfolket in Danish). It was about kids who had the power to teleport around and who had a cool computer, and I remember running about in the garden shouting “Contact, Tim!”

I’ve now rented the first few episodes on DVD, and it is very odd to watch: The actors are not very good, they speak with an exaggerated RP accent with odd idioms (one of them said his parents were worried stiff), and as Marcel said: “They have olden-days powers”.

3 thoughts on “Worried stiff!

  • It is funny to think that something that isn’t yet invented is already an olden-days power! But he was totally disgusted with this low-tech sci-fi! As for the language – worried sick or scared stiff sound fine but worried stiff sounds vaguely obscene 😉

  • Sebastian

    Hov. Den serie så jeg da vist også-det var på dansk TV, ikk’? Den må jeg se, om man også kan låne herhjemme.

  • Ja, naturligvis var det på dansk TV.


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