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Xplanet on Ubuntu

Several years ago, I always used xearth to render my desktop background.

However, when I started using Nautilus, it broke, and I never bothered to find a solution.

Today I realised that xearth has been replaced by xplanet, and it’s available as an Ubuntu package. And it’s beautiful!

However, the Nautilus problem remains: The window manager controls the background, so a program cannot write straight to it. The solution is to render a file and then ask Nautilus to reload it at regular intervals.

Fortunately, somebody written a script that does this, and one can download it here. Just remember to change the PREFIX to a path that exists.

4 thoughts on “Xplanet on Ubuntu

  • Man kan da også bare bruge OSXPlanet, der kan man zoome ind og sætte byer på, og se skyer og ovenikøbet også se ISS’es bane 😉
    Nåå – du bruger ikke OS X, din stakkel ;M)

  • Jeg tror faktisk, xplanet kan det samme (og vise andre planeter end Jorden) – man skal bare finde de relevante datafiler et sted.

  • Stupid question maybe but where do you have to put the script? I’ve downloaded it recently and tried to use it but with no luck so far :(. Without the script I do get to see xplanet working very briefly whenever I log out.

  • Yes, you see it when Nautilus exits.
    I think you can put it anywhere, but you have to remember to run it, preferably automatically when you log in.


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