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A vote for oblivion?

Day 115 – Vote
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I seem consistently to disagree with the majority of libdems: I voted for Chris Huhne twice, not for Ming and not for Clegg, and this time I voted for Rumbles, not Scott. 🙁

However, Tavish Scott won easily with 59% of the first priorities.

Something is rotten in the Libdem party. In all these elections, the membership have followed the advice of the great and good, which both demonstrates that the upper echelons prefer continuity to change, and that the majority of members are happy to follow their advice instead of thinking on their own.

The specific reason I didn’t want Scott to become leader is that the Libdems have been performing dismally ever since the last Holyrood election, starting with their disastrous decision to not even enter coalition talks with the SNP, and as far as I know, Scott has been the principal architect of this policy.

To my mind, the best chance for the Libdems in Scotland would be to work constructively with the SNP, and Rumbles seemed to be the one who was closest to recommending this.

Perhaps Scott will surprise me positively, but I have my doubts. I expect the Libdems to become increasingly irrelevant until they find the courage to elect a leader who wants to make a difference.

One thought on “A vote for oblivion?

  • Why not stand for election yourself then ?


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