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Built-in BBQ

I found this built-in BBQ hob whilst reading B&Q’s kitchen catalogue recently.

According to the description, it’s for “those who do a lot of barbequing and want to be able to do so all year round! It consists of a gas burner with lava rock over it and a grill to give that chargrilled taste to food.”

While it would never fit in the wee kitchen here in the flat, we’re talking about making a nice new big kitchen in the house we’re buying, and it would fit in perfectly there. I guess £197 (DKK 2163) is a lot of money, but compared to what we’d spend for the rest of the kitchen, it’s not bad, and it really would be cool, no?

But I’ve never tried to use such a thing before, so I don’t know whether it’s as good as it looks. Does the food taste just right, and is it easy to clean?

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