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Clegg or Huhne?

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I guess it’s time to decide who I’ll give my vote for taking over the reins from Sir Ming.

Politically, Clegg and Huhne are very close, and none of them seems to agree with me on Scottish independence.

However, Clegg seems to be having a few problems with making up his mind, and I’m starting to think he’d be Ming II – polite, nice and completely unable to divert attention away from the two main parties. I also wonder whether he’d be slaughtered in debates in Westminster if he tries the Yes, er well no, hang on, or, sorry approach there.

So I’ll be voting for Huhne. I think he’s a fast and confident debater, and he has that cheekiness that is important to get noticed by the media. Also, I think a real economist will be a big bonus in the coming years.

One thought on “Clegg or Huhne?

  • Why not just do the right thing re Scottish Independence and vote SNP ?? And simply leave the middle of the road men sitting on their fence where they’ve always been and will always stay !


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