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Con 25, LD 548, Lab 41

YouGov asked an interesting question recently: “How would you vote on May 6 if you thought the Liberal Democrats had a significant chance of winning the election?”

The result is astounding. YouGov’s Peter Kellner writes: “The responses: Lib Dem 49%, Conservative 25%, Labour 19%. On the – admittedly unrealistic – assumption of uniform national swing, there would be 548 Lib Dem MPs, 41 Labour MPs and just 25 Tories.”

Of course many people are going to vote for their sitting MP, and others will assume the Libdems can’t win in their constituency, so they won’t win this big.

Still, it is a very important result. It shows the Libdems are only the third party because of the electoral system, and they can become the main political party of the UK soon.

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