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Danish is still written here

A few years ago, I analysed the languages used in this blog, and I thought the time had come to do it again.

I expected the results would show that I’ve been using languages other than English less and less.

Here are the results (English [en] is the blue bit at the top; Danish [da] is the red bit underneath):

It was somewhat surprised when I saw the graph: Although Danish was used more for the first year or so, there haven’t been any major changes over the past couple of years (last month was 100% English, but that was clearly an exception).

I still have a niggling suspicion that I don’t use Danish as often as I used to, however. Possibly it’s to do with the length of blog postings – I have a feeling that I don’t write many long ones in Danish any more. I might try and investigate that another time.

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