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British take-away food

I bought The Takeaway Secret thinking it would be a fast-food cookbook, showing you how to cook burgers, hotdogs and the like.

However, I should have read the title more literally. The hotdog on the cover does not have a corresponding recipe inside, but instead it contains loads of British take-away food recipes: Quarter pounder burger (American style), quarter pounder burger (kebab shop style), lamb döner kebab, shish kebab, kofta kebab, seekh kebab, chilli chicken chow mein, skewered chicken satay, Texas style barbecue pizza, vegetable pakora, southern fried chicken, onion rings, pakora sauce, Chinese dipping sauce, honey mustard sauce, meatball sub, BLT sandwich, lassi, Italian restaurant style vanilla ice cream, and many, many more.

It’s obviously a fairly heterogenous cookbook, but it definitely has recipes for quite a few items that I have never been able to find a recipe for.

So far I’ve only tried the lamb döner kebab with white kebab sauce, and it was lovely, almost as good as the real thing, in spite of using lamb mince.

I’m definitely going to try out more of the recipes in the future, and so will Marcel and Charlotte, I’m sure.

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