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Disengaging from the UK

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Until about a year ago, my beloved wife and I used to watch Andrew Marr every Sunday morning, and as any regular reader of this blog can witness, I have often blogged about UK affairs.

However, I’ve noticed I’ve been gradually withdrawing over the past year, as it has become clear that there will be a referendum on Scottish independence soon.

Basically, when I watch a story on Andrew Marr about reforming the House of Lords, or I read an article in an English newspaper about the Falklands, I increasing feel that it’s foreign news. Obviously it’s foreign news from a place I know well, so I might glance through the article, in the same way as I do still pay some attention to what’s happening in Denmark. However, I’m not really interested: It’s their news, not mine.

I really hope Scotland will vote Yes to independence, because it’d be really hard to reengage with UK politics again after a three-year hiatus.

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