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Fan charts

Gramps, the genealogy program I’m using, has a nice option for producing fan charts. (It’s just a shame it isn’t better at fitting the texts into the fields.)

I like the fact that two fan charts can be fitted together when one marries to produce a full circle. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Fan charts

  • It’s just a shame I don’t have information about all my great-great-grandparents (tipoldeforældre in Danish, btw). What about you – how far can you go back?

  • Have it on paper somewhere (my loft I think) – definitely further back than that though maybe not on all branches. Dad definitely put on his great grandparents. But it is linear because he goes down each branch too adding cousins and their kids etc, it doesn’t all fan out from one family/person.

  • Oh, sure, my genealogical database in Gramps contains lots of cousins, uncles, wives and so on. I just asked it for a fan chart for myself.

  • cool – different views for different needs…this is beginning to sound too much like being back at work!:-/

  • So long as you don’t have to design, write or test the program, it’s good fun! 🙂


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