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Milk colour coding

In Denmark, skimmed milk packaging is grey, semi-skimmed is light blue, full-fat is dark blue, and whipping cream is red. In the UK, skimmed milk is red, semi-skimmed is green, full-fat is dark blue, single cream is red, and whipping cream is green.

I’ve forgotten the colour coding schemes used in other countries, but I’m sure they’re different, too.

When were the colour schemes invented? Were they regional at first, and then harmonised on a national level?

5 thoughts on “Milk colour coding

  • Sebastian

    Sig mig: mener du, at både kaffefløde og skummetmælk er RØDT i England? Det er da besværligt, ikk’?

  • Not England! – Scotland ;-)(well probably both) They are definitely different in France and Germany too – I know I always have to read the packaging because I have a mental block on their colour coding.
    When I was wee they used to bring it to the door in glass bottles with green, red, blue, silver and gold tops – must ask my parents what the extra two colours denoted.(A problem used to arise in the winter though when hungry birds would peck through the tops so you couldn’t tell the colour!)

  • England is often used in Danish instead of Storbritannien (and Det Forenede Kongerige is almost never used), so I sometimes get letters addressed as follows: T Widmann, Rose Street, Glasgow, Skotland, England. :-/

  • Sebastian, forresten, single cream er ikke kaffefløde – det holder 18% (og double cream 48%), hvorimod kaffefløde vist er sølle 9%.

  • Yes I know we Scottish people fight that in every language all our lives.


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