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FarmVille is for 2-year-olds

Most people will by now have heard of FarmVille, which is costing society billions in lost productivity because so many people are growing soybeans and raising sheep as part of their Facebook routine.

However, most people think of it as a game for grown-ups.

Just for fun I made profiles for Léon and Anna, and somewhat to my surprise, they love it.

Of course I have to do most of the game controls, but they’re most definitely in charge of what they grow and where they put it. Anna is for instance insisting on only growing pink trees (see the picture).

So I’m starting to think it’s really a game for wee kids, which adults just happen often to love, too.

One thought on “FarmVille is for 2-year-olds

  • Given how many games/TV series/movies have supposedly cost society billions in lost productivity over the years, it’s a wonder we haven’t regressed to the stone age.


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