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I forgot to blog this at the time, but what was Brown thinking about when he compared himself to Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights?

As this brilliant blog posting says, many people haven’t read the book but instead know it from “the 1939 film adaptation, with Laurence Olivier playing Heathcliff in best matinee idol style”.

So has Brown ever read the book, or was he comparing himself to Laurence Olivier?

Or does he really see himself as the following? “A half-savage Gypsy boy who skulks around the Yorkshire moors in the freezing cold, sleeps in stables and drives the woman who loves him to an early grave. He is mostly a hair-trigger away from violence and can be guaranteed to lash out with his fists if anyone so much as gives him a funny look. Oh, and he also speaks in such an impenetrable dialect that it’s all but impossible to know what he’s going on about.”

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