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I’ve very often gone via Stansted on my way to Denmark, and I’ve always made the connexion, although Ryanair don’t guarantee it.

Today seemed OK – we were supposed to land around 6pm, and the check-in didn’t close till 19:05, so it didn’t seem likely it would be delayed more than 30 minutes.

But it was!

We arrived here at 19:15, so now we’re trying to find another way to Denmark.

Unfortunately, all flights are full, so the next affordable plane to Denmark is on Monday!

We might have to go via Bremen!!!

Update (4am): Yes, Bremen turned out to be the best bet. Ryanair were willing to book us onto that for a “missed flight fee” of £250 for all of us. The flight is at 6:40am, and we’ll arrive there around 9. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive to get the train to Denmark.

Because the flight is so early, we didn’t think it made sense to get a hotel room, so we’ve all been sleeping on the benches or the stone floor of Stansted Airport. I guess it’s all an experience for the kids! 🙂

One thought on “Stranded

  • RyanAir er herlige! 🙂

    Laes ioevrigt min post på Byawhisker om socialconnectivity .. min spat grænse er ved at være nået…. Tror kun jeg i fremtiden vil skrive over 140 bytes 🙂



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